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The Story of Ralph and Email MarketingRalph-Martin Founder of Successful Email Marketing Strategies

First off I would like you to know that I work full time from home (actually anywhere there is an internet connection) and simply love the freedom that affiliate marketing and email marketing provide for me and my family. The other more important thing is that I started off with absolutely no experience with email marketing whatsoever, and it was email marketing and the understanding of how it works that took my business to the next level.

I have been dabbling with internet marketing / affiliate marketing since 2009 while I was working a full time job. Unlike a lot of other marketers that had a desire to work at home full time, I was not dissatisfied with my day job. In fact, I really enjoyed what I was doing. So, I started building my own business as a sidekick to earn extra income.

I am the owner of a few websites that do generate daily traffic, one of them being Best Fitness Device, which is a health and fitness site. This is a site that has been developed and implemented based on what I have learned about Affiliate Marketing. It is a fairly new site, but is getting a lot of traffic and is a classic example of what you can do with the proper training. One of the successful strategies I have implemented with this site is product review. Here is a good example of a product review I did on the Garmin Vivomove HR Review.

I was a Quality Manager by trade and learned how to apply my Quality Management skills to my business. My focus became to learn how to generate new leads, automatically follow up with those leads, and drive new sales. Once I mastered those three things my business took off. Keep in mind that In the beginning I knew absolutely nothing about marketing and learned from scratch. If I can do it, anyone can.

My Goal To Help You Take Your Business To the Next Level

If you have read to this point, I am going to assume that you either have a business and want to generate more leads and drive new sales. Or, you would like to start a new business and learn how to do these things. I am also going to assume you would like the idea of following up with your new leads and generate new sales automatically.

I want to help you understand that if you have never used email marketing or you would like to learn how to improve your email marketing campaigns, that I am here to help you with the three basic principles of successful email marketing strategies, and that is generating a lot of new leads, learning how to follow up with those leads automatically, and drive a lot of new sales. I also want to help you find the best email marketing tools available for you to reach your business goals.

My Goal With This Site

When I was just starting my business I started searching on the internet for training and tools to help me get started. To my dismay, I realized that there was so much conflicting information out there that I almost gave up. First of all, I had to figure out what niche I wanted to start a business with. Then I needed to figure out what type of platform to used to create my web assets so that I could sell products on the internet. Once that was determined I then had to decide how to get people to visit my website. Fortunately I found a good affiliate marketing training that helped me learn how to create my first website and how to market any product through affiliate marketing.

Once my site was established and I was generating traffic I realized that I needed a way to capture this traffic and follow up with them so that I could share quality content with them and refer them to my products and services. It’s one thing to lead a person to your website, but most of the time they will read your content and then click away. They may, or may not, come back to your site, so I needed to find a way to capture their name and email so that I could stay in touch with them. It is a well-known fact that people need to see your content 6 or 7 different times before they feel confident enough to make a purchase from your website.

I learned that email marketing tools allow you to capture a website visitor’s contact information so that you can send them back to your website a number of times so that you build a relationship with them. This type of relationship build trust and it is that trust that helps them feel comfortable to make a purchase from your website. It is the know, like and trust that helps them make that decision. They have a need, you have the product that fulfills that need and it is your content that lets them know this.

Once I realized all of this I had to find the right email marketing tools in order to make this happen. This search overwhelming and confusing because there was so many choices available. After several purchases, I finally found the platform that suited me and didn’t break the bank.

After this expensive lesson, I realized there may be other folks who were in the same boat I was. So, this is the reason why I created this website. To point people in the right direction when it comes to email marketing tools and training for your business needs.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ralph Martin


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